Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Please forgive me while I was gone...

I am so sorry for the long absence, but have been in a whirlwind of work at Harper's Bazaar, going to bed too late and getting up horribly early; though all the while -- usually at 4 in the morning -- thinking, I must update my blog! I haven't forgotten you -- in fact, I often think to myself, what would Kairu and Enid like to read in Bazaar? Or Lilac in May, or Jaywalker, or the Scrivener, and everyone else whose taste and ideas have been so important to these pages. 
Meanwhile, I escaped to Tillypronie last weekend, where the garden is looking so beautiful this season -- the autumnal leaves and heathers are gorgeous to behold... and there is even a splash of blue amongst the scarlet and golden palette.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Snaps: Paris Fashion Week

J-Lo Front Row at Valentino: the great man himself in conversation with herself.

Bedazzled at Louis Vuitton: short and sharp, yet also sweet.

Chanel on a vast scale at the Grand Palais: a triumphantly confident show, against a backdrop of white windmills.

Liberty London

I was scurrying from the tube yesterday to the Bazaar office, feeling rushed and slightly over-wrought after delays on the Victoria line and a claustrophobic tube carriage, when I looked up from the grey pavement to the blue sky, and noticed a golden ship on top of Liberty... All these years of living in London, and I'd never seen that beautiful boat before.