Friday, 16 September 2011

Coco in New York

I'm taking a deep breath, before setting off for the US on Sunday (directly to the airport from Blenheim). If any of you live in New York, or have friends thereabouts, then a quick note for the diary: I am talking at Barnes & Noble at the Fashion Institute of Technology on Tuesday Sept. 20th at 5:00pm:
Barnes & Noble at FIT
227 W. 27th St.
New York, NY 10001

There's also a chance to get one of the v. chic Lagerfeld limited edition book bags here.

It's 80 years since Chanel went to New York -- she sailed there in 1931, and stayed at the Hotel Pierre, while recovering from a bout of 'grippe'. Fingers crossed that I am fitter for FiT.


Lilacs In May said...

That all sounds so impossibly glamourous, have a great trip, look forward to reading about it.

Knitted Republic said...


I'm a FIT student and I attended the lecture and book signing at our campus bookstore.

It was an amazing experience... I absolutely adore your person and admire how deeply you got involved in exploring Chanel's life. The way you speak is so pleasant to listen to.

Hopefully, you have an amazing time in New York. It's a magnificent city. I've lived here for just a year but already fell in love with Big Apple.

Now, I'll be visiting your blog regularly.


jaywalker said...

I've always been intrigued by the term grippe so had to look it up:

Archaic terms for influenza include epidemic catarrh, grippe (from the French, first used by Molyneaux in 1694), sweating sickness, and Spanish fever.

Sounds much better than catarrh!!!

Hope you're hail and hearty in NY.

Unknown said...

My name is Ericka and I am doing a biography on Coco Chanel. For this project i need an expert.Your writing and knowledge is truly amazing and I was hoping that you could be my expert. Please email me at for details.

Thank you,

Justine Picardie said...

Anna, thanks so much for coming to FIT. I had a wonderful time in New York, then flew into Boston to do a talk at the Public Library there, and am now en route to Los Angeles. It's been lovely meeting Chanel enthusiasts in the US, and looking forward to keeping in touch with you via the blog.
Jaywalker -- v. interested to read your contribution on grippe -- as you say, it sounds much more intriguing than catarrh!
Ericka -- thanks for your message. Really, everything I know on the subject of Chanel is contained in my book, so it's probably best to refer to that for your project.
Lilacs -- am en route from Boston to LA, and will post soon. xx

Unknown said...

Okay. I was just wondering if you could be my "expert". All i need from you is a couple of answers to questions about Coco's life. I understand if you cant.

Thank You,