Saturday, 12 April 2008

British Library on Monday...

I'm doing an event with Rebecca Fraser on Monday at the British Library, which I think will be interesting (not least because this is the home of T.J Wise's collection; and Wise -- for anyone who hasn't read 'Daphne' -- was a former president of the Bronte Society, tainted by a scandal that I explored in an article for the Times last month). Anyway, here are the details of the BL event, in case anyone can come:

Possession: A Brontë Mystery

Monday 14 April 2008

The trail that leads to the Brontë manuscripts is a shadowy one, crossing continents and centuries, and over the borders into criminality. Justine Picardie's new novel, Daphne, is based on her research into a true literary detective story, uncovering a series of forgeries and thefts. She will be in conversation with Rebecca Fraser, the acclaimed biographer of Charlotte Brontë, discussing the whereabouts of missing manuscripts, and the obsessive collectors through whose hands they passed.

Justine Picardie is author of four books including My Mother's Wedding Dress and Daphne (Bloomsbury , March 2008) and writes for the Sunday Telegraph Magazine and Harpers Bazaar. Rebecca Fraser is a writer and broadcaster. Charlotte Bronte (Vintage) and A People's History of Britain (Pimlico) are her most recent books.

Event time: 18.30-20.00
Location: Conference Centre, British Library
Price: £6 (£4 concessions)

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