Monday, 7 April 2008

George Clooney

OK, so here's a sudden, yet urgent change of subject. I am having dinner tonight with George Clooney. It's not just me and him, I hasten to add -- there will be several dozen others. But nevertheless, I shall be in the mighty presence of Gorgeous George Himself. The prospect is somewhat discombobulating. I have been a fan since he played Dr Ross in ER -- over a decade ago -- and I'm beginning to feel nervous about tonight, because of course, George will have no interest whatsoever in saying hello to me, and this may ruin my long-lasting, though entirely one-sided, relationship with him. Perhaps screen idols should remain celluloid, rather than being made flesh?
Also, although George and I are about the same age, meeting him is guaranteed to make me feel ancient.
But I can't NOT go, can I?
Am off to brush my teeth, put on my heels, etc etc. Will report back later.


crimeficreader said...

Looking forward to the "report back later"!

One thing's for sure: he'll be shorter than you imagined. Actors always are!

But hey, wasn't he always gorgeous (and compelling) in the early days of ER?

I hope your teeth stayed in their sockets, Justine...

Bront√ęBlog Adm. said...

I confess to being one of the few not finding Mr Clooney all that special... But still I was thrilled to read that you were about to meet him.

I can't wait to hear how it went!


Karen said...

I confess I have never seen any of the things he's been in (ought I to get out a bit more, perhaps?) but those Cary Grant looks are quite appealing!

Juxtabook said...

I agree - very Cary Grant - lucky you!

dovegreyreader said...

Is his chin as chiselled in real life as it looks in pictures?
I'm with Cristina, not really a fan but if you were to perhaps have dinner with Martin Shaw I'd want every last detail:-)

Justine Picardie said...

He's smaller than he looks on the screen! As for Martin Shaw -- you can't beat a granite-jawed Englishman, can you?