Tuesday, 8 April 2008

The morning after the night before...

Or rather, the afternoon, because I have been taking my son to the orthodontist this morning (and oddly enough, given crimeficreader's earlier comment, I was at the dentist myself yesterday, but she will be glad to hear that my teeth stayed firmly in their sockets, praise the lord).
Anyway. I am impressed to discover that you are such sensible people, far more interested in Virago Modern Classics than George Clooney. Nevertheless, having introduced him to the proceedings, I feel it my duty to report back.
He was, as you suspected, a little smaller in life than he is on the screen. But his smile was even more dazzling. He was very polite, and did that thing of making sure that he looked everyone in the eye, for the few moments he was talking to you, thereby proving that he shares something in common with good politicians.
I can also reveal that he turns out to be a fan of David Gray (the singer-songwriter). So, there you have it. George Clooney for president (or governor of California?), with a heartfelt campaign tune.
Anyway, back to books. I'm off to Hampstead this evening at 7pm, to do that talk at Waterstones. I think it is safe to say that George Clooney will not be in the vicinity. But I hope you will be. And I''ll have that free book with me for the first person who says the special blog password -- Dear Brutus -- which, as blogreaders will know, is the title of the play by J.M. Barrie in which Gerald du Maurier starred, and the ten year old Daphne watched in the audience, before she burst into tears.


Kerry said...

I've been waiting for the update! Thanks for the details.

Justine Picardie said...

You're very welcome. But not very exciting, I'm afraid. I wish I could have reported back with something more astounding!

crimeficreader said...


Pleased to hear your teeth stayed in their sockets when you met God Clooney! Not surprised that he was shorter than you imagined, but with a smile to put an energy lightbulb to shame. Why do we need wind farms here? Surely feeding off the smiles of the Hollywood greats would provide enough energy to service a major geographic area? Wales maybe? David Cameron's house in Notting Hill, perhaps?

Anyway, good to read your write up of the Clooney encounter and I hope that Hampstead went well and was enjoyable.

I know how you feel when it comes to dental appointments: I had one today. In excess of £100's worth of expenditure coming up, but my dentist does like to warn his customers... And after that, I might even seek a Clooney upgrade. Do you think my dentist will know what I mean? (Will animal magnetism just fall into touch here? Free of extra costs?) I hope so.

I'm thinking about Virago, Justine, because I was aware of their imprint when at uni. At that time, I was also aware that this was a company that was feminist and supported women (authors and readers).

I'm not sure what I managed to read back in the early 80s, but I'll investigate and get back to you. I remember the bookshop where I scoured the shelves. It's gone now; the site now has a business that sells art raw ingredients.

Oh how we move on. Is it better? I don't know. I'm not about to decreee hairnets a la Corrie and Edna Sharples in the 60s/70s - but we've lost such a lot here, haven't we?

Viewing those shelves and seeing the Virago editions is a memory I can't let go.

Justine Picardie said...

CFR -- I can sympathise about the dental bill. I have just spent hundreds of pounds on ONE measly molar, which got a crack in it, then needed root canal treatment, and has finally been crowned. It made me realise one would need a Hollywood income to pay for a Hollywood smile.
Hampstead went well tonight -- a lovely audience, lots of people and lots of good questions, but not a single blog reader, so no one said the magic password.
Thanks for your thoughts on Virago -- it stirs up such powerful emotions and memories, doesn't it? I had to deliver my piece for the Sunday Telegraph last week, but I could have written three times the amount they had space for.
By the way, are you always undercover as crimeficreader, or is anyone allowed to know your name?