Sunday, 25 July 2010

Port Eliot: part 1

Just got back to London from Port Eliot, where a good time was had by all (and will doubtless still be continuing). There was sunshine, golden balloons against a blue sky, glorious flowers, and much debate. My head is still reeling, but here are some highlights, in no particular order. Yesterday's impromptu late-night conversation with Grayson Perry, Philippa Perry and Helen Simpson (about the benefits of psychotherapy and the best new word I've heard coined for ages: buzz-kill -- not a new brand of fly-spray, but a term used for someone or something that makes you feel worse about yourself); tea with Diana Athill; conversation with Nicholas St Aubyn and Caroline Graham (from the Daily Beast); my editor bringing me the first unbound copy of my new book, all the way from London to Cornwall; calamari and chips for Sunday lunch; spotting a plethora of stripy tops; Bay Garnett's charm bracelet; Cathy St German's leather boots and crystal necklace; Coco the dog, named after Chanel, a black and white bundle who I met in the flower tent.
Meanwhile, some pictures courtesy of my favourite photographer, who drove me hundreds of miles there and back again this weekend, and stayed good-tempered throughout.
Thank you to everyone who came to hear me speak today and yesterday. It was a privilege to engage with such a literate audience.


Dilectio said...

Hi Justine

Yes, Sat night was one of my highlights!

Buzz-kill as my daughter uses it, means someone who sucks the previously high energy in a room, out of it.

When someone always makes you feel bad about yourself you are experiencing negative counter-transference - haven't got a cool word for that yet!

Hope to meet you again soon (you'll have to kick me because I am face-blind)

Philippa x

Justine Picardie said...

Philippa -- it was so great to meet you at Port Eliot. I do hope our paths cross again, especially as you've now given me another brilliant word: face-blind. Best I've heard since buzz-kill...